May 10, 2011

News Alert: In Interview, Syrian Official Says Government Has Upper Hand Over Revolt

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Mon, May 09, 2011 -- 7:03 PM ET

In Interview, Syrian Official Says Government Has Upper Hand Over Revolt

The Syrian government has gained the upper hand over a
seven-week uprising against the rule of President Bashar
al-Assad, a senior official declared Monday, in the clearest
sign yet that the leadership believes its crackdown will
crush protests that have begun to falter in the face of
hundreds of deaths and mass arrests.

The remarks by Bouthaina Shaaban, an adviser to Mr. Assad who
often serves as an official spokeswoman, suggested that a
government accustomed to retrenching in the face of crises is
prepared to weather international condemnation and sanctions.
Her confidence came in stark contrast to just two weeks ago,
when the government appeared to stagger before the breadth
and resilience of protests in dozens of towns and cities.

"I hope we are witnessing the end of the story," she said in
an hourlong interview, during which a reporter was allowed
into Syria for only a few hours. "I think now we've passed
the most dangerous moment. I hope so, I think so."

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