Feb 12, 2011

"Messi was not worth defending Italian"

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Udine - Naturalization players in the Italian national team again invited comment cons. No player "foreign" decent play for Gli Azzurri, even though Lionel Messi.

Opinion was thrown by quarterback Udinese, Giampiero Pinzi. This comment was ejected from Thiago Motta, who originally was a Brazilian, has recently get a debut to wear Italian jersey.

Oriundi, the term for the players who were born in Latin America, but have Italian blood of their ancestors or to marry a woman who had Italian blood, is actually not new for Italy. Before Motta, there are already Mauro Camoranesi, Amauri Carvalho, and Crsitian Ledesma who get the same opportunity.

"Thiago Motta is a good player, we know that. But as Italy's national team, who have won the World Cup four times, no need to use Oriundi services," said Pinzi in Italian Football.

"I'm not even going to call Messi. We do not need extra help. I can not even berkatak 'no' to Antonio Di Natale. He is the best striker blooded Italian," he continued.

Before Pinzi, there have been Cesare Maldini who raised objections. Former Italy manager mentions, the use of Oriundi not needed because the Italians still have a row of good players.

"Do we not have a player in Italy is as good as Thiago Motta? I think so. I think Oriundi is returning to the past," said this father of Paolo Maldini.

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Derby ahead of Manchester - Manchester United left two of centerback

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Manchester - Manchester United get the bad news ahead of a meeting with Manchester City on Saturday (12/02/2011). Two middle defender, Rio Ferdinand and Jonny Evans, injured.

Ferdinand fails to recover in time from an injury that membekapnya before the game against Wolverhampton Wanderers last weekend. Without Ferdinand, Manchester United's first league kekalagan swallow this season. The Red Devils defeated 1-2.

While Evans get his injury when defending Northern Ireland. Sir Alex Ferguson was memastian that 23-year-old defender will not be lowered.

With an injury to Ferdinand and Evans, MU practically only rely on Nemanja Vidic and Chris Smalling as defense doorstop.

"Rio Ferdinand get a calf injury last weekend. He will miss several weeks," said Fergie on ESPN Star.

"Jonny Evans injury while training with Northern Ireland. He's out, so Chris Smalling will play. I am sure, he (Smalling) will play well."

At the first meeting in the City of Manchester stadium in November 2010, both teams played a 0-0 draw. This time, victory will further strengthen MU in the top of the standings. Instead, the victory could mempertipsi City distance to city rivals it.

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Manchester United are now collecting 54 points, while City 49 points. That means, the distance they are only five points adrift. However, The Citizens pocketed one more game than the 'Red Devils'.
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