Mar 12, 2011

Coming to Rome Derby - Hernanes Optimist Wins

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Rome - Hernanes set a target to win in the derby against AS Roma. Lazio's Brazilian midfielder was also determined to break through the wicket Giallorossi.

Lazio will face Roma in a game called Derby della Capitale, Sunday (13/03/2011) evening hrs. Gli Aquilotti will try to do revans after their defeat in the first meeting 0-2.

"I wish there was a beautiful Sunday. We must be careful and not repeat past mistakes in some of the derby," said Hernanes, as quoted by Football-Italy.

"Olimpico is a field that I know. It will be easier for me," added the 25-year player.

In addition to targeting victory over Rome, former Sao Paulo player is also determined to score a goal.

"I will score goals and Lazio will win," confident.

Lazio is currently ranked fourth Serie A standings with 51 points from 28 games, while Roma are two strips on the bottom with a difference of five points.

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